Dr. V. B. Dixit

Dr. Vishwa Bharati Dixit
   Principal Scientist
   E-mail: vbdixit@mail.com


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VISHWA BHARATIPh.DPrincipal scientistVet. extensionvbdixit@mail.com01662276431

· Dr. K. N. Singh Memorial Award for excellence in Extension Research by Indian Society of Extension Education
· Best Paper Award in ‘International Conference on Good Governance in Agricultural Extension’ organized by MANAGE, Hyderabad
· Best Poster Award in International Buffalo Conference on Optimizing Buffalo Productivity through Conventional and Novel Technologies, NASC Complex New Delhi, 2010
· Best paper award from Indian Journal of Dairy Science in 2006
· Best Poster Award from Indian Society for Buffalo Development (ISBD) in 2009
· Best Poster Award from Asian Buffalo Society in 2003

K N Singh memorial award given by Indian society of extension education

· Indian Society of Extension Education (ISEE)

· Maharashtra Society of Extension Education (MSEE)

· Indian Society for Buffalo Development (ISBD)

· Society for conservation of Domestic animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB)

Institutional: Convergence for dairy development: A synergistic approach as PI, ongoing
Factors influencing on participation of rural youth in farming: an exploratory study as Co-PI, ongoing

External funded: National Agicutrual Innovation Fund (NAIF) as PI, ongoing

Inter institutional: Field Progeny Testing as Co-PI, ongoing

International: NIL

Reference NAAS Rating


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2. V B Dixit, A Bharadwaj, P Sikka and S K Phulia (2016). Training Modules for Promoting Buffalo Husbandry among Different Categories of Respondents. Indian Journal of Dairy Science, 69(1) :120-123 4.17
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