Dr. Varij Nayan

Dr. Varij Nayan
Senior Scientist (Animal Biochemistry)
E-mail: varij.biochem@gmail.com


Name Designation ARS Discipline Telephone(O) Fax E-mail
Dr. Varij Nayan Senior Scientist (Animal Biochemistry) Animal Biochemistry 01662-276739 01662-275004 varij.biochem@gmail.com
  1. Functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics andepigenetic studies on animal production and Health
  2. Development of diagnostics for candidate signatures of buffalo reproduction related to estrus and early pregnancy
  3. Nanobiosensor, nanotoxicology and green nanotechnology
  4. Computational Immuno-reagent design, big data, drug discovery, In silico
  5. Identifying bio-markers of prognosis, therapeutic outcome and development of recombinant Proteins
No. of Research Papers 21 No. of Books / Manuals 13
No. Book Chapters 09 No. of Popular Articles 46
No. of Folders/Leaflets 2 No. Patents Granted / Filed 2 (Published)
No. of M.V.Sc. /M.Sc. Student Guided 2 No. of Ph.D. Student Guided NIL
Present No. of M.V.Sc./M.Sc.  Students 1 Present No. of Ph.D. Student NIL


1.         Associate Editor, Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research (eISSN 2311-7710)

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Applied Biology and Biotechnology (ISSN: 2455-7005); World’s Veterinary Journal (ISSN: 2322-4568)

3.         Reviewer for the Journals: Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy (Wiley &AiChE); Molecular Biology Reports (Springer Netherlands); Agricultural Research (Springer India); Veterinary world; International Journal of Livestock Research; Indian Journal of Animal Sciences; World’s Veterinary Journal (https://publons.com/author/443831/varij-nayan#profile). One review done for the Journal Veterinary World was rated as “EXCELLENT” Review and received gold star by Journal editor and Publons.
4.         Best Poster Award (XII Agricultural Science Congress, 2015)
5.         “Certificate of Appreciation” (2014-15) at NDRI in recognition of outstanding research (Ph.D.) work in the field of Dairy Production.
6.         “Statement of Accomplishment WITH DISTINCTION” (Grade achieved: 95.8%) for  “Nanotechnology and Nanosensors” course offered by THE TECHNION–ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, ISRAEL as MOOC on Coursera (2014).
7.         “Statement of Accomplishment WITH DISTINCTION” (Grade achieved: 89.0%) for “Bioinformatic Methods II” course offered by UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, CANADA as MOOC on Coursera (2014).
8.         Editor’s Choice Research Paper:Das, K. S., Singh, J. K., Nayan, V. (2014). Haematological Profiles of Lactating Nili-Ravi Buffaloes Under Heat Stress-Alleviated Conditions During Sub-tropical Summer Season. Journal of Buffalo Science, 3(3), 70–75.
9.         Recognized by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad forInstitution building activity”during “89th Foundation Course for Agricultural Research Service” (2010).
10.     CSIR-Junior Research Fellowship for Life Sciences (Two times -2004; 2006)
11.     ICMR- Junior Research Fellowship (2005)
12.     NDRI Institutional Scholarship (2003-2005)
13.     University Merit Scholarship at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna (1998-2003)
14.     Lead paper at International conference SBBS-ICRTBBSD 2017 (October 12-13, 2017) at Jammu
15.     DST-NCSTC and VijnanaBharati (VIBHA) Mentorfor Science India Portal (scienceindia.in)
16.     Department of Biotechnology (DBT) nominee/ representative in the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC) of ICAR-National Research Centre on Equines, Hisar
17.     Certificate of Merit for best presentation in the ICAR sponsored short course on Nanotechnological approaches in pest and disease management (15-24 November, 2017) at ICAR-NBAIR, Bengaluru


1.         Life Member Society of Biological Chemists, India: 2005-present
2.         Life Member Indian Society for Buffalo Development(ISBD):2010-present
3.         Life Member Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB): 2015-present
4.         Life Member Society for Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences (SBBS), India: 2017-present(Membership No. SBBS/LM/17/JC/A04)
5.         Member, International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS), Japan: 2017-present (Membership ID : M171506)
External funded


Lactation stress associated postpartum anestrus SNP array in Buffaloes (Co-PI; NASF Funded; 2015-2018; Lead Centre-NDRI, Collaborating centre-IOB)
Inter institutional Development of diagnostic platforms for sensing candidate biosignatures of buffalo reproduction (PI; 2015-2018; Collaborating centre – NRCE )




Sl no Reference NAAS Score (2018)
1. Bhardwaj, A., Kumar, S., Nayan, V., Sharma, P., Pal, Y. & Yadav, S.C. (2018) Expression and characterization of recombinant single chain beta-alpha equine chorionic gonadotropin in prokaryotic host. Indian Journal of Animal Research. DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3571(NAAS: 6.15), Publisher: ARCC 6.15
2. Selvam, R.M., Onteru, S.K., Nayan, V.,Sivakumar, M., Singh, D., Archunan, G., 2017. Exploration of Luteinizing hormone in murrah buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) urine: Extended surge window opens door for estrus prediction. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 251: 121-126. doi:10.1016/j.ygcen.2016.12.002. (Impact factor: 2.585; NAAS: 8.59), Publisher: Elsevier 8.59
3. Nayan, V.,Onteru, S.K. & Singh, D. (2017). Mangiferaindica flower extract mediated biogenic green gold nanoparticles: efficient nanocatalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy. Doi: 10.1002/ep.12669. (Impact factor: 1.672; NAAS: 7.67), Publisher: Wiley & American Institute of Chemical Engineers 7.67
4. Bhardwaj, A., Nayan, V., Sharma, P. et al. (2017). Molecular characterization, modeling, in silico analysis of equine pituitary gonadotropin alpha subunit and docking interaction studies with ganirelix. In Silico Pharmacology. 5: 5. Doi: 10.1007/s40203-017-0025-1 (Co-first author: authors AB and VN contributed equally to this work), Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg NA
5. Baddela, V.S.1, Nayan, V.1, Rani, P., Onteru, S.K., Singh, D. (2016) “Physicochemical Biomolecular Insights into Buffalo Milk-Derived Nanovesicles.” Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 178(3):544-57. doi: 10.1007/s12010-015-1893-7. (1Co-first author: authors VSB and VN contributed equally to this work) (Impact Factor: 1.751; NAAS: 7.75), Publisher: Springer US 7.75
6. Ravinder, R., Kaipa, O., Baddela, V. S., Singh, S. E., Singh, P., Nayan, V., Velagala, C. S., Baithalu, R. K., Onteru, S. K. & Singh, D. (2016). Saliva ferning, an unorthodox method for oestrus detection in Water Buffalo (Bubalusbubalis). Theriogenology. 86(5):1147-55. doi: 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2016.04.004. (Impact Factor: 1.986; NAAS: 7.99), Publisher: Elsevier 7.99
7. Onteru, S.K., Baddela, V.S., Ravinder, R., Kaipa, O., Nayan, V., Singh, P., Baithalu, R.K., Singh, D. (2016) Direct saliva transcript analysis as a novel non-invasive method for oestrus marker detection in buffaloes. Biomarkers. 21(2):99-101. doi: 10.3109/1354750X.2015.1118549. (Impact Factor: 2.006; NAAS: 8.01), Publisher: Taylor & Francis 8.01
8. Nayan, V., Bhardwaj, A., Singh, D. (2013). PAPP-A in Indian Water Buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) Ovary: Phylogeny, Expression, Hormonal Regulation and Sequence Characterization. Agricultural Research. 2(2):153-165 (NAAS: 5.90), Publisher: Springer India 5.90
9. Bhardwaj, A., Nayan, V., Yadav, P., De, S., Goswami, S.L.(2013). Differential expression profiling of recombinant bovine inhibin-alpha at reduced temperature.” Indian Journal of Animal Research. 2013; 47(1):61-65. (NAAS: 6.15), Publisher: ARCC 6.15
10. Das, K.S., Singh, J.K., Singh, G., Nayan, V. (2013). Effect of heat stress alleviation on plasma protein, metabolites and lipid profile in lactating Nili-Ravi buffaloes under tropical climate.Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 2013; 83(5): 546-549 (NAAS: 6.19), Publisher: ICAR 6.19
11. Bhardwaj, A., Nayan, V., Yadav, P., De, S., Datta, T.K., and Goswami, S.L. (2012) Heterologous expression and characterization of Indian Sahiwal Cattle (Bosindicus) alpha inhibin. Animal Biotechnology. 23(2):71-88. (Impact Factor: 0.75; NAAS: 6.75), Publisher: Taylor & Francis 6.75
Patent  Published
1. Nayan, V., Onteru, S.K. and Singh, D.Mangiferaindica flower panicles’ extract stabilized gold nanoparticles and method for making the same. Indian Patent Application Number 807/DEL/2015 dated 24th March, 2015; Published: 30/09/2016. NA
2. Nayan, V., Onteru, S.K. and Singh, D.Novel peptide sequence and polyclonal antibodies for the detection of cow and buffalo luteinizing hormone. Indian Patent Application Number 1854/DEL/2015 dated 23rd June, 2015; Published: 30/12/2016 NA


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