Dr. Sunesh Balhara

Dr. Sunesh Balhara
 Sr. Scientist
E-mail: balharas@gmail.com


Name Designation ARS Discipline Telephone(O) Fax E-mail
Sunesh Balhara Sr Scientist & Incharge AKMU Agricultural Statistics 01662-281606 01662-275004 Sunesh.Balhara@icar.gov.in, balharas@gmail.com

Major research area is application of IT and statistics in buffalo husbandry and data analysis:
Farmer friendly Web Portal development,Software development,Application of Statistical packages for research data

    1. Sadeesh EM, Shah F, Balhara AK, Thirumaran SMK, Balhara S, Kumar D, Yadav S, Singh I and Yadav PS., 2014. “Effect of hormones, sera, follicular fluid and oocyte quality on in vitro nuclear maturation and fertilization rate of Indian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes”. Journal of Cell and Tissue Research 14 (1): 4165 – 4171.

    2. Sadeesh EM, Fozia Shah, Balhara AK, Thirumaran SMK, Balhara S and Yadav PS., 2013. “Effect of thiol compound supplemented culture medium on in vitro maturation of buffalo oocytes.” Ruminant Science, 2(1): 59-62.

    3. Balhara AK , Mohanty AK , Gupta M , Jamwal M, Sunesh, Phulia SK and Singh I (2014) Bioinformatics and functional analysis of proteins in serum of early pregnant buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 84 (2): 140–145.

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