SS Paul

Principal Scientist (Animal Nutrition)


Name of the scientist Degree Present position held Email Telephone Mobile no
SHYAM SUNDAR PAUL Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition 01662-281621 8607224167

Field of Specialization Animal Nutirtion Total No of Research Papers 44
No. Patents Granted / Filed - National 18
No. of M.V.Sc. /M.Sc. Student Guided - International 26
Present No. of M.V.Sc./M.Sc. Students 1 Total no. of Books / Manuals 3
No. of Ph.D. Student Guided - Total no. of popular articles 31
Present No. of Ph.D. Student - Total no. of abstracts

· National merit scholarship



· NDRI Merit Certificate


· Jawaharlal Nehru Award

· DR. K Pradhan Young Scientist award

· Member, ICAR subcommittee for Nutrient requirement of cattle &Buffalo

· Feeding standards for buffaloes, Nutrient requirements of cattle, sheep, goat &Pig, Nutrient requirement for heat and humidity stress, area specific mineral mixture

· DNA microarray chip for characterization of dynamics of rumen microbes, potent methane inhibitor

· Vice President(NZ) and life member, Animal Nutrition Association

· Life member Animal Nutrition Society of India

· Life member, Indian Society for Buffalo Development

· Life member Indian Veterinary Association

· Life member, Indian Association for Animal Production

Institutional An integrated investigation of microbial communities involved in methane production and fibre digestion in rumen of buffaloes (PI)

External fundedComputational Identification and modelling of Genetic variation in Relation to Performance Traits in Buffaloes (co-PI: Network project on Bioinformatics and computational biology)

Inter institutionalEvaluation of Sorghum Cultivars on Growth Rate and Feed Utilization in Buffalo( as coPI; IIMR and CIRB)


Top Eight Research Publications 

Reference NAAS Rating
1. SS Paul, SM Deb, A Dey, SPS Somvanshi, D Singh, R Rathore and J Stiverson, 2015.16S rDNA analysis of archaea indicates dominance of Methanobacterium and high abundance of Methanomassiliicoccaceae in rumen of Nili-Ravi buffalo. Anaerobe. 35:3-10. 8.48
2. S.S.Paul, S.M.Deb and D.Singh. 2011. Isolation and characterization of novel sulphate-reducing Fusobacterium sp. and their effects on in vitro methane emission and digestion of wheat straw by rumen fluid from Indian riverine buffaloes. Animal Feed Science and Technology. 166-167:132-140 8.0
3. S. S. Paul, D.N. Kamra, V.R.B. Sastry, N.P. Sahu and Agarwal, N. 2004. Effect of administration of an anaerobic gut fungus isolated from wild blue bull (Boselaphustragocamelus) to buffaloes (Bubalusbubalis) on in vivo ruminal fermentation and digestion of nutrients. Animal Feed Science and Technology , vol. 115. 143-157. 8.0
4. S.S. Paul, D.N. Kamra, V.R.B. Sastry, N.P. Sahu and N. Agarwal. 2004. Effect of anaerobic fungal isolates from wild and domestic ruminants on in vitro digestibilities, fermentation characteristics and fibrolytic enzyme production on lignocellulolytic feed by mixed rumen microflora of buffalo. Reproduction Nutrition And Development (new name : Animal) 44: 1-7. 7.84
5. S.S.Paul, A.B.Mandal, P.N. Chatterjee, R. Bhar and N.N.Pathak. 2007. Determination of nutrient requirements for growth and maintenance of growing pigs under tropical condition.Animal , 1:269-282. 7.84
6. S.S.Paul, S.M.Deb, B.S.Punia, D.Singh and R. Kumar. 2010. Fibrolyticpopential of anaerobic fungi (Piromycessp.) isolated from wild cattle and wild blue bull in pure culture and effect of their addition on in vitro fermentation of wheat straw and methane emission by rumen fluid of buffaloes. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90: 1218-1226. 7.71
7. S.S.Paul and Patil, N.V. 2007. Energy and protein requirements of growing Nili-Ravi buffalo heifers in tropical environment. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture , 87 (12):2286-2293. 7.71
8. S.S. Paul, D.N. Kamra, V.R.B. Sastry and N.P. Sahu. 2006. Effect of adding an anaerobic fungal culture isolated from a wild blue bull (Boselaphustragocamelus) to rumen fluid of buffaloes on in vitro fibrolytic enzyme activities, fermentation and degradation of tannins and tannin containing kachnar tree (Bauhinia varigata) leaves and wheat straw. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 86(2): 258-270. 7.71
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