Set No 7: Bull No[4915 , 1796]

Bull No . 4915 (NDRI Karnal)

Sire Index 2116Kg
Percentage Superiority over contemporary daughters 17.26%
Date of Birth 28-10-1999
Sire Number 2921
Dam Number 3521
Dam Yield 3437Kg
Sire’s Dam Yield 2858Kg
Semen Doses Available 2585
Cost per dose

Bull No . 1796(NDRI Karnal)

Sire Index 2096Kg
Percentage Superiority over contemporary daughters 15.81%
Date of Birth 10-02-2000
Sire Number 1506
Dam Number 1386
Dam Yield 3170 Kg
Sire’s Dam Yield 3018Kg
Semen Doses Available 5418
Cost per dose
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