Projects Completed During 2012-17

Title of Projects Project Investigators
Integrated SOET and MOET for faster multiplication of elite buffaloes germplasm (Sep 2010- Mar2015) RK Sharma, I Singh, D Kumar, A Jerome, SKhanna
Effect of trehalose and sericine on freezability of buffalo bell semen. (Oct 2010- Aug 2014) P Kumar, P Sikka, D Kumar
Identification of Early pregnancy biomarkers in buffaloes by proteomic approach (Oct 2010-Sep 2015) AK Balhara, I Singh
mRNA expression of some candidate genes in buffalo IVF embryos cultured in different media (Feb 12- Dec 14) Sadeesh EM, AK Balhara, PS Yadav
Gene expression of proteolytic system and growth regulators in the mammary gland and skeletal muscles of buffalo (Oct 2010-Sep 2012) V Nayan, I Singh, SK Phulia, AnuradhaBharadwaj, Jerome A, Dheer Singh (NDRI)
Identification of mi-RNAs expressed in different reproductive systems of buffalo corpus luteum (Dec 2012-Nov 2015) Jerome A, SN Kala, SMK Thirumaran
Establishment of fertility-associated seminal plasma proteins as biomarkers through proteomics and nanotechnological approach in buffalo (Dec. 2012-Mar 2016) P Kumar, D Kumar, AK Balhara, SP Yadav
Effect of cryopreservation on integrity of buffalo sperm membrane and DNA in relation to fertility (2010-2012) D Kumar, Pawan Singh, SP Yadav, PS Yadav, P Kumar
Polymorphism of candidate genes in association with embryonic morality in buffalo (Sep 2010-Mar 2012) Jerome A, AK Pandey
Proteomic analysis of host defence response to mastitis in buffaloes (Oct 2010-Mar 2013) SK Phulia, RK Sharma, AK Balhara, N Rana, V Nayan
Cloning for conservation and multiplication of superior buffalo Germplasm (Sept 2010-Mar 2017) PS Yadav,Sadeesh EM, RK Sharma, D Kumar, NSelokar
Sub Project-1 Cryopreservation of somatic cells and cloned embryos for providing the future reproductive opportunities in buffalo (2015-2017) Selokar N, PS Yadav, RK Sharma, D Kumar
Sub Project-2 Optimization of conditions for efficient gene transfer into buffalo somatic cells for transgenic embryo production (2015-2017) D Kumar, N Selokar, PS Yadav
Impact of buffalo migration on socio-economic conditions and dairy development index of farmers in Haryana (Aug 2011-Aug 2014 ) VB Dixit, A BharadwajKP Singh
Leptin and its receptor gene polymorphism with milk production traits in Murrah breed of buffaloes (2010- 2014) SP Yadav, AK Pandey, D Kumar, PS Yadav, RK Sethi
Effect of fenugreek seed supplementation in buffaloes (2010-2014) A Boora, D Lal, BS Punia, N Rana, JK Singh, KP Singh, AK Balhara, A Dey
Development of Buffalopedia (Oct 2010-Sep 2013) Sunesh, VB Dixit, KP Singh, SS Paul, N Rana, S Sarkar
Molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from buffalo milk (Oct 2010-Sep 2013) A Boora, N Rana, SaritaYadav
Prepartum heifer management and its effect on subsequent production in buffaloes (Pilot Project) (Sep 12-Aug 14) KS Das, G Singh, JK Singh, TP Singh
Application of pedigree in information and body condition score for development of buffalo breeding herd and analyser (July 2011- Oct 2015) SN Kala
AICRP on “Improvement of feed resources and nutrient utilization in raising animal production” (Apr 2004 - March 2014) N Saxena
Development of modules for buffalo meat production (Jan 2013-Dec 2015) SS Dahiya, A Dey, PC Lailer, V Mudgal
Effect of different feeding regimen on age at first calving (April 2012 to Mar 2017) PC Lailer, V Mudgal, SS Dahiya, AK Boora, BS Punia
Validation of ITK known herbs against gastro-intestinal parasites in buffalo calves. (Nov 2012-Mar 2017) N Saxena, A Dey, V Mudgal, BS Punia, ML Sharma
An integrated investigation of microbial communities involved in methane production and fiber digestion improvement of reproductive efficiency (Apr 2014-Mar 2017) SS Paul, A Dey, BS Punia, AJerome, P Sikka

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