Progressive Farmers

Sh. Bhale Ram is a progressive dairy farmer of village Juglan which is one of the 8 adopted villages of the Institute. Before 2001 Sh. Bhale Ram preferred Natural Science to artificial insemination for breeding of buffaloes. His attitude towards the AI practice was very poor. However, with regular meetings and motivation over the period of time, he agreed for artificial insemination in buffaloes. He was particularly trained by scientists and technical officers of the institute to observe and identify heat symptoms correctly so that timely insemination can be done. Slowly and over the years the result was very encouraging for him. Today he has totally different views aboutartificial insemination tand also advocate the same to fellow villagers. At present, he has 8 buffaloes of different categories. Out of this he has 4 pregnant buffaloes and 2 heifers which are the progenies of bulls of the institute. One of his heifers won the first prize in Buffalo Mela organized by the institute in February 2008. He is also earning lot of money through sale of these animals. Last year he sold one of his animals at Rs. 1.60 Lakhs and recently in March 2010 another animal was sold for Rs. 1.85 Lakhs. Previously by animal husbandry was his subsidiary occupation but now buffalo rearing is his primary occupation.

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