Animal Genetics & Breeding Division

Factors influencing on participation of rural youth in farming an exploratory study for approval (Nov. 2015-Dec 2017) H Tripathi, VB Dixit, Sajjan Singh
Convergence for Dairy Development A synergistic Approach (Nov. 2015-Jan 2019) VB Dixit, H Tripathi, Sajjan Singh
E-BhainsVigyan Kendra (Nov 2013- Oct 2017) SuneshBalhara, AK Balhara, SK Phulia, PC Lailer, P Sikka
Identification of SNPs in genes related to meat production and their association with meat parameters in buffaloes (Bubalusbubalis) (Oct 2010-Dec 2017) AK Pandey, P Sikka, SP Yadav, SS Dahiya
Identification of genetic variants in genes related to oxidative status in relation to fertility in Murrah Bulls (Jul 2013-Dec2017) P Sikka, P kumar
Causes of buffalo calf mortality and its management(Jun 2017-May 2020) SK Khurana, A Boora, S Yadav, S Kumar
Challenges of high yielding buffaloes: Identification and their management(Jul 2017-Jun 2020) A Boora, S Yadav

Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology

Studies on development and supplementation of chelated minerals in buffaloes. (Apr 2013-Sep 2017) V Mudgal, N Saxena, SS Dahiya, BS Punia, K Kumar, ML Sharma
Effect of stimulants on fibre degradation, methane emission and fungal population in buffaloes. (Apr 2012-Dec 2017) A Dey, SS Dahiya, BS Punia, PC Lailer, N Saxena, SS Paul
Evaluation of sorghum cultivars on growth rate and feed utilization in buffalo (Apr 2015-Dec 2017) A Dey, , PC Lailer,
SS Paul BS Punia
Effect of supplementation of galactogogue herbal mixture to lactating buffaloes on production performance and blood biochemistry (Aug 2017-Mar 2020) N Saxena, V Mudgal,P Sikka,ML Sharma, K Kumar
Development and supplementation of nano-minerals in buffaloes (Jun2017-May 2018 V Mudgal, N Saxena, S SDahiya

Animal Physiology & Reproduction

Development of diagnostic platforms for sensing candidate bio-signatures of buffalo reproduction (Nov. 2015-Oct.2018) V Nayan, AK Balhara, AnuradhaBhardwaj,RKSharma
Scientific validation of ‘Doka’ in buffaloes for improvement of reproductive performance under field and farm conditions (Nov. 2013-Oct.2017) SK Phulia, RK Sharma, AK Balhara, Inderjeet Singh, Sunesh, PC lailer, A Bharadwaj
Optimization of interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer technique for production of horse cloned embryos (Oct 2015-March 2018) N Selokar, D Kumar, PS Yadav
Climate Change and buffalo farming in India: risk assessment and vulnerability - adaptation studies for enhancing the resilience (Jun 2017-May 2020) AK Balhara, S K Phulia, RK Sharma, Ashok Boora, PC Lailer, V Nayan, Sunesh, Brajbandhu Swain (ILRI)

Network Projects/AICR/ITMU

Network project on buffaloes improvement I Singh, AK Pandey
Genetic improvement of Murrah buffaloes (NPBI, Hisar) (1991-Contd ) KP Singh, A Bharadwaj, P kumar
Genetic improvement of Nili Ravi buffaloes (Network project CIRB, CIRB Sub-Campus Nabha. (April 1990-Continued) Ram Singh,KP Singh, MH Jan
KL Mehrara. R Mehta
Genetic improvement of Bhadawari buffaloes (NPBI) (2001 continued ) BP Kushwaha, S Singh
Progeny testing of bulls under field conditions (FPT) (2001-Continued) A Bharadwaj, VB Dixit, H Tripathi
Institute technology management unit (ITMU) (2008-continued) VB Dixit, SK Phulia, P Sikka, AKBalhara
Nutritional and physiological interventions for enhancing reproductive performance in animals (AICRP) (Nov 2014-March 2017) RK Sharma, SK Phulia, V Mudgal, Jerome A, P Kumar

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