Animal Genetics & Breeding Division

Network Project on Bhadawari Buffaloes, IGFRI, Jhansi Dr B P Kushwaha, PS
Environmental Mastitis in Buffaloes: Challenges and Management Dr Ashok Boora
Development of web tool for real-time field data collection and analysis for improved buffalo productivity and breeding management Sunesh Balhara
Economic Impact of Field Progeny Testing (FPT) Program on the Income of Murrah Buffalo Farmers Sanjay Kumar

Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology

Effect of Feeding Sugar Beet Pulp, and Guar Korma on Rumen Functions, Methanogenesis, Nutrient Utilization and Milk Production in Buffaloes. Avijit Dey

Animal Physiology & Reproduction

Buffalo sperm dosage in relation to functional parameters and field fertility outcome Dr. Sajjan Singh
Establishment of DNA bank of Murrah and Nili-Ravi buffalo herd Dr Dharmendra Kumar
Sequestrating X- and Y-sperm using receptor-ligand based approach in buffalo Dr Pradeep Kumar

Network Projects/AICR/ITMU

Genetic Improvement of Murrah Buffaloes A Bharadwaj
Genetic Improvement of Nili-Ravi Buffalo – Network project on Buffalo Improvement Dr. F.C. Tuteja
Network Project on Bhadawari Buffaloes, IGFRI, Jhansi Dr B P Kushwaha, PS
Progeny Testing of Bulls under Field Conditions (FPT) A Bharadwaj

Projects of Extension/ Economics/ Management

           Dairy farmer’s perception towards buffalo breeds and its impact on selection and profitability in Punjab

                 Dr. Navneet Saxena

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