Mustafa Hassan Jan

Mustafa Hassan Jan
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Dr. Mustafa Hassan JanScientistM.V.Sc.Ghulam Hassan; +91-9464631435

Postpartum uterine health and ovarian activity in Buffalo

• Qualified ICAR SRF(Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics) during year 2013
• Qualified ICAR NET (Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology) during year 2013
• Qualified UGC NET (Social medicine and Community Health) during year 2013
• Qualified ICMR (Funded project) JRF (Life Science) during year 2012
• Recipient of ICAR JRF (18th RankAll India) Master’s Programme (2010-2012)

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No. Book Chapters0No. of Popular Articles7
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• Dheer Singh Swami, Pradeep Kumar, RK Malik, Monika Saini, Dharmendra Kumar, MH Jan.2017. The cryoprotective effect of iodixanol in buffalo semen cryopreservation. Animal Reproduction Science, 179: 20-26.(NAAS Score: 7.61).
• Dheer Singh Swami, Pradeep Kumar, RK Malik, Monika Saini, Dharmendra Kumar, MH Jan. 2016. Cysteamine supplementation revealed detrimental effect on cryosurvival of buffalo sperm based on computer-assisted semen analysis and oxidative parameters. Animal Reproduction Science,177: 56-64. (NAAS Score: 7.61).
• SK Ravi, H Kumar, S Vyas, K Narayanan, S Kumari, J Singh, MH Jan. 2016. Effect of omega-3 fatty acids enriched diet on semen characteristics in Marwari horses.Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 86(6): 726-728. (NAAS Score: 6.19).
• Dawoud Aamir Nehru, MH Jan, S Kumar, Utsav Sharma. 2016. Effect of combined supplementation of superoxide dismutase and catalase in soya milk extender on buffalo post-thaw semen quality.The Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction, 37(2): 20-24. (NAAS Score: 3.43)
• Pradeep Kumar, Dharmendra Kumar, Monika Saini, MH Jan, Dheer Singh, RK Sharma. 2016. Quantification of leptin in seminal plasma of buffalo bulls and its correlation with antioxidant status, conventional and computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) semen variables.Animal Reproduction Science, 166: 122-127. (NAAS Score: 7.61).
• SH Dar, S Qureshi, M Palanivelu, Sankar Muthu, S Mehrotra, MH Jan, GR Chaudhary, H Kumar, R Saravanan, K Narayanan.2016. Evaluating murine model of endometritis using uterine isolate of Escherichia coli from postpartum buffalo.Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research,17(3): 171-176. (NAAS Score: 6.17).
• N Kumar, SA Lone, JK Prasad, MH Jan, SK Ghosh. 2016. Effect of egg yolk powder on freezability of Murrah buffalo (Babalus bubalis). Veterinary World, 9(6): 601-604. (NAAS Score: 5.71).
• Saleem Khan, MH Jan, Dhirendra Kumar, AG Telang. 2015. Firpronil induced spermotoxicity is associated with oxidative stress, DNA damage and apoptosis in male rats. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, 124: 8-14. (NAAS Score: 8.59).
• MH Jan, GK Das, J Singh, S Khan, P Kumar, G Singh, M Sarkar, M Pathak. 2015. Oxidative stress during cystic ovarian disease in water buffalo. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences,85(4): 356–360. (NAAS Score: 6.19).
• SH Dar, GR Chaudhary, S Mehrotra, SD Qureshi, M Sankar, MH Jan, H Kumar, RK Chaudhary, M Palanivelu, K Narayanan. 2015. Association of Escherichia coli and Fusobacterium necrophorum with subclinical endometritis in postpartum Murrah buffalo.Indian Journal of Veterinary Patholology,39(4): 311-315. (NAAS Score: 5.48).

• Life Member of Indian Society for Study of Animal Reproduction (ISSAR)
• Life Member of Indian society for advancement of Canine practice (ISACP).
• Life Member of Indian society for Development of Buffaloes (ISDB).

PI: Manipulation of follicular wave pattern to increase conception rate in buffalo. Since August 2016.
Co-PI: Genetic improvement of Nili-Ravi buffalo under Network project on buffalo.
External funded. Since March 2016

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