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Jerome A
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Jerome A PhD Scientist 01662281648 8053954239


An integrated investigation of microbial communities involved in methane production and fibre digestion in rumen of buffaloes – CoPI


External funded


AICRP on Nutritional and Physiological approaches for enhancing reprod. performance –CoPI[ICAR Funded]


Network project on Computational identification and modeling of genetic variation in relation to performance traits in buffaloes –CoPI[ICAR funded]


Inter institutional



Top Eight Research Publications



NAAS Rating


1.     Jerome A, SK Srivastava, RK Sharma (2016). In vivo biocompatibility of fabricated polymer implant in buffaloes – a preliminary study. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 86(1):47-49.


2.     Jerome A, SK Srivastava, RK Sharma (2015). Expression profile of follicular genes vis-à-vis season and cyclicity in buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 85(5):514-516.


3.     Jerome A, AK Pandey and SK Sarkar (2015). Homology modeling of SNPs in candidate genes controlling embryonic growth of buffalo (Bubalusbubalis). Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 85(6):578-84.


4.     Jerome. A, Singh SK and Agarwal SK (2013) Interaction analysis of buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein-1 in silico. Indian Journal of Animal Science 83 (11): 1149–1154.


5.     Jerome. A, T Sarath and N Arunmozhi (2010) – Dystocia due to conjoined twin monster in a buffalo. Buffalo bulletin. 29(3): 229-231.


6.     Jarnail Singh, Vijay Singh, Anita Mann, JK Singh, Jerome A, SK Sarkar, JS Duhan and P S Yadav (2012). Buffalo umbilical cord blood collection and hematological comparison with peripheral blood of new born calf and its dam. Indian Journal of Animal Science 82 (8): 84–86.


7.     Srivastava N, SK Srivastava, SK Ghosh, LP Singh, JK Prasad, Amit Kumar, P Perumal, A Jerome and A Thamizharasan. (2012). Sequestration of PDC-109 protein improves freezability and fertilizing ability of crossbred bull spermatozoa. Animal Reproduction Science, 131: 54– 62.


8.     Srivastava N, SK Srivastava, SK Ghosh, A Jerome, GK Das and S Mehrotra (2013) Sequestration of PDC-109 Protein by Specific Antibodies and Egg Yolk Cryoprotects Bull Spermatozoa. Reproduction in Domestic Animals.48(5):724-31 7.52


Membership of professional body

·       Indian Society for the Study of Animal Reproduction
·       Society for Physiologist of India
·       Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility
·       Indian Science Congress Association
·       Indian Society for Buffalo Development

· Best oral presentation (ANSCICON 2016)

· Prof. Nils Lagerlof Memorial award for best paper – (ISSAR 2013)

· Best Paper Award – ISBD Symposium (2013)

· GB Singh Memorial Award for best paper – (ISSAR 2012)

· ICAR National Eligibility Test (NET) – 2009

· Senior Research Fellowship (ICAR- 2008)

· Junior Research Fellowship (ICAR-2005)

Field of Specialization Animal Reproduction Total No of Research Papers 20
No. Patents Granted / Filed -

National 11
No. of M.V.Sc. /M.Sc. Student Guided -

International 9
Present No. of M.V.Sc./M.Sc. Students 1 Total no. of Books / Manuals 3
No. of PhD Student Guided -

Total no. of popular articles 15
Present No. of PhD Student -

Total no. of abstracts 20
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