Dr. Kunwar Pal Singh

 Dr. Kunwar Pal Singh
Principal Scientist
E-mail: rishikps@yahoo.com


Name of the scientist Degree Present position held Email Telephone Mobile no
Dr. Kunwar Pal Singh Ph. D. (Animal Breeding and Genetics) Principal Scientist rishikps@yahoo.com 01662-278633 (o) 9468327843

Field of Specialization Animal Physiology Total No of Research Papers
No. Patents Granted / Filed Acc. No. INDIA_BUFFALO_0400_BANNI_01011 National 40
No. of M.V.Sc. /M.Sc. Student Guided 4 International 9
Present No. of M.V.Sc./M.Sc. Students Nil Total no. of Books / Manuals

No. of PhD Student Guided 1 Total no. of popular articles 25
Present No. of PhD Student Nil

· Dr. C G Bhasker Memorial Gold Medal (2000)- Indian Veterinary Association.

· Best Poster Award (First)-2005: National Seminar Organized by SDAU & GLDB, Gujarat.

· Best Poster Award (First)-2010: International Buffalo Conference, New Delhi (ISBD).

· Best Article Award (Second)-2011: NBAGR-Hindi Magazine, Karnal.

· Prof. J P Trivedi Award 2012: ( Hari Om Ashram)- Gujarat Association for Agricultural Sciences.

· Best Poster Award (First)-2013: Indian Society for Animal Production and Management (ISAPM).

· Joint Secretary: Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB), NBAGR-Karnal (2010-13).

· Banni Buffalo recognized as 11th buffalo breed of India-2010: ICAR, New Delhi and NBAGR, Karnal.

· Member Executive Committee: Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB), NBAGR-Karnal (2005-10).

· Facilitation & Recognition by:-

1. Banni Breeder’s Association, Kachhch-Gujarat (2011).

2. Farmer’s Cooperative Milk Producers Union, “Sarhad Dairy” Kachhch (2011).

· Breed Registered: Banni Buffalo-11th Buffalo Breed of India (2010).

· Promising Technology: Tongue Colour: Phenotypic Marker for Identification of Nili-Ravi and Murrah Buffaloes.

· Life Member: Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB), NBAGR-Karnal

· Life member: Indian Society for Buffalo Development (ISBD), CIRB-Hisar.

· Life member: Indian Society for small ruminant.

· Life member: Gujarat Agricultural Association of Science.

Institutional – Nil

External funded · Genetic Improvement of Murrah Buffalo (conti..1991): PI

· Genetic Improvement of Nili-Ravi (conti..1989): C0-PI.

· Computational identification and modelling of genetic variation to performance traits in buffaloes (2015-17):Co-PI.

Inter institutional – Effect of different feeding regimes on age at first calving in Nili-Ravi buffaloes (2013-17):P Co-PI.

International – Nil

Top Eight Research Publications 

Reference NAAS Rating
1. Tanpure, P K Dudey, K P Singh, P Kathiravan, B P Mishra, S K Niranjan and R S Kataria (2012). PCR-SSCP analysis of leptin gene and its association with milk production traits in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).Trop Anim Health Prod. 41 (3): 1587-1592. 7.09
2. RK Pundir, PK Singh, K P Singh and P S Dangi (2011). Factor analysis of biometric traits of Kankrej cows to explain body confirmation. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 24 (4): 449-456. 6.64
3. B. P. Mishra, R. S. Kataria, P. Kathiravan, K. P. Singh, D. K. Sadana and B. K. Joshi (2010). Micrisattelite based genetic structuring reveals unique identity of Banni among river buffaloes of western India. Livestock Science, 127: 257-261. 7.25
4. B. P. Mishra, R. S. Kataria, P. Kathiravan, S. S. Bulandi, K. P. Singh and D. K. Sadana (2009). Evaluation of genetic variability and mutation drift equilibrium of Banni buffalo using multi locus microsatellite markers. Trop. Anim. Health Prod. 41: 1203-1211. 7.09
5. M. Sodhi; M. Mukesh; B. Prakash; B. P. Mishra; R. C. Sobti; K. P. Singh and S. P. S. Ahlawat (2007). Microsatellite marker based characterization of genetic diversity in Kankrej cattle. . Appl. Anim. Res., 31: 153-158. 6.12
6. K. P. Singh, S. P. Dixit, P. K. Singh, K. R. Tajane, Gurmej Singh and S. P. S. Ahlawat (2009). Economics of goat farming under traditional low input production system in north Gujarat region of India. Indian J. Anim. Sci., 79 (9):948-951. 6.13
7. K.P. Singh, R.R. Mishra, Rajendra Singh and A.P.Chaudhary (2002). Studies on reproductive traits in Landrace and Large White Yorkshire pigs. Indian J. Anim. Res. 36 (1): 27-30. 6.03
8. K.P. Singh, R.R. Mishra, Rajendra Singh and A.P.Chaudhary (2001). Path coefficient analysis of carcass weight in Landrace and Large White Yorkshire pigs. Indian J. Anim. Res. 35 (2): 135-137. 6.03
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