Dr. Jerome A

Dr. Jerome A
   E-mail: jerome210982@gmail.com


Name of the scientistDegreePresent position heldField of SpecializationEmailTelephoneMobile no
Jerome APh. DScientistAnimal Reproductionjerome210982@gmail.com016622816488053954239

Field of Specialization: Animal Reproduction

Research Area/ Interest: Animal Reproduction, Physiology and Genomics

No. of Research Papers:  50

No. of Books / Manuals:  4

No. of Popular Articles:  15

No. of Abstracts:  35

No. of Patents/Technologies:  4

  • Prof. GP Talwar Young Scientist Award (ISSRF 2020)
  • Best Poster Award (ISSAR 2018)
  • Best oral presentation (ANSCICON 2016)
  • Prof. Nils Lagerlof Memorial award for best paper (ISSAR 2013)
  • Best Paper Award – ISBD Symposium (2013)
  • GB Singh Memorial Award for best paper (ISSAR 2012)
  • Senior Research Fellowship (ICAR- 2008)
  • Junior Research Fellowship (ICAR-2005)
  • Reviewer in Peer Reviewed Journals

• Indian Society for the Study of Animal Reproduction
• Society for Physiologist of India
• Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility
• Indian Science Congress Association
• Indian Society for Buffalo Development

Ongoing Research Projects:



Buffalo sperm dosage in relation to functional parameters and field fertility outcome.
External funded


Investigating molecular basis of seasonal variation on seminal attributes for identification of probable biomarkers of semen quality in buffaloes (DBT Funded project).

AICRP on Nutritional and Physiological approaches for enhancing reproductive performance in animals (ICAR Funded).

List of publications


SNo. Reference NAAS Rating
1 Dalal J, Kumar P, Chandolia RK, Pawaria S, Rajendran R, Sheoran S, Jerome A, Kumar D. (2019) A new role for RU486 (mifepristone): it protects sperm from premature capacitation during cryopreservation in buffalo. Scientific Reports 9:6712. 10.12
2 Selokar NL, Sharma P, Saini M, Sheoran S, Rajendran R, Kumar D, Sharma RK, Motiani RK, Kumar P, Jerome A, Khanna S, Yadav PS (2019) Successful cloning of a superior buffalo bull. Scientific Reports 9:11366. 10.12
3 Singh I, Deb R, Kumar S, Singh R, Jerome A, Sengar GS, Kumar R, Sahoo NR, Murali S, Chandran R, R Nair V, Smita S, Lal SB, Mishra DC, Rai A (2019). Deciphering Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) virus-host Tropism. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. 18:1-13. 9.11
4 Karuppanasamy K, Sharma RK, Phulia SK, Jerome A, Ghuman SPS, Narayanan K, Singh I. (2017) Ovulatory and fertility response following modified GnRH based protocols in anovular buffaloes. Theriogenology 95:83-88. 8.14
5 Kumar P, S Pawaria, J Dalal, S Ravesh, S Bhardwaj, Jerome A, D Kumar, MH Jan, PS Yadav (2019) Sodium alginate potentiates antioxidants, cryoprotection and antibacterial activities of egg yolk extender during semen cryopreservation in buffalo. Animal Reproduction Science. 209, 106166. 7.65
6 Kumar P, Suman, Pawaria S, Dalal J, Bhardwaj S, Patil S, Jerome A, Sharma RK (2019) Serum and seminal plasma IGF-1 associations with semen variables and effect of IGF-1 supplementation on semen freezing capacity in buffalo bulls. Animal Reproduction Science 204:101-110. 7.65
7 Sharma RK, Phulia SK, Jerome A, Singh I (2017) Ovsynch Plus protocol improves ovarian response in anovular Murrah buffaloes in non-breeding season. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 52(6):1030-1035. 7.42
8 Kavya KM, Sharma RK, Jerome A, Phulia SK, Singh I (2017) Anti-Müllerian hormone and antral follicular population in early and delayed pubertal Murrah buffalo heifers. Livestock Science 198:89-92. 7.20
9 Katiyar GS, Mudgal V, Sharma RK, Bharadwaj A, Phulia SK, Jerome A, Singh I (2019) Effect of rumen-protected nutrients on feed intake, body weights, milk yield and composition in Murrah buffaloes during early lactation. Tropical Animal Health and Production 51(8):2297-2304. 7.08
10 Choudhary KK, Bharadwaj A, Sharma RK, Jerome A, Khanna S, Kavya KM (2018) Efficacy of different methods for detecting the onset of ovarian cyclicity in post-partum Murrah buffaloes. Tropical Animal Health and Production. 50(7):1559-1564. 7.08

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