Division of Animal Physiology and Reproduction

Improvement of Reproductive Efficiency Programme has been the main objective of the division. Research aspects include investigations in male and female infertility, physiological profiles, semenology, AI, reproductive biotechnology as well as mammary gland development and function. The laboratories have been equipped with computer assisted semen analyzer (CASA), fluorescent microscope, programmable cryofreezers for embryos and semen, thermal cycler, gel documentation system, straw printing machine, water purification system, inverted microscope with micromanipulator, CO2 incubators, osmometer, ultrasound scanners, laparoscope, automatic blood analyzer and haematology analyzer etc.

Scientific Staff

Name Designation
Dr Yashpal Sharma Principal Scientist & Head
Dr RK Sharma Principal Scientist
Dr PS Yadav Principal Scientist
Dr Sajjan Singh Principal Scientist
Dr SK Phulia Principal Scientist
Dr Varij Nayan Sr. Scientist
Dr AK Balhara Sr. Scientist
Dr Dharmender Kumar Sr Scientist
Dr Jerome Andonissamy Sr Scientist
Dr Pradeep Kumar Sr Scientist
Dr Meeti Punetha Scientist

Technical Staff

S. No. Name Designation
1. Sh. Asharfi Shah Technician

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